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At the corner of Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

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What We Do

AI + Big-data + Earth Observation = Broader capabilities

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at EarthLab Luxembourg. Our main goal is to use our technologies to create a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.
Using our service, our platform or both, EarthLab helps different actors in this new revolution, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, in confidence and with large production capabilities.
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Our Story

Changing the Game

EarthLab Luxembourg has been founded in 2015 by an association of IT and Earth Observation companies to create innovative solutions combining Big-Data technologies and the Remote Sensing.
EarthLab Luxembourg now appears as a leader in the solution mixing these technologies. We have built different solutions relying on our platform called Max-ICS. These solutions have been built for different industries (Insurance, Finance, Agriculture, Security, Transport, Telecom, etc.).
We are committed providing a global offering based on innovative technologies that we master. Our solutions are customised and are adaptable over time. We understand that any business is now confronted with multiple risks and opportunities that span beyond geographical borders and for which the interlinked consequences are underestimated. The components vary and require bespoke answers, however the key element remains the same: innovate with usage, with technology limiting the risks and the costs.
A new vision builds on high-power computing, allowing us to approach areas unimaginable even just a few years ago. Our Deep Learning approach (called Deep Learning Factory©) allows the creation of models without strong knowledge and with a zero-code approach.

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Our solutions

EarthLab Luxembourg has built and commercialise different solutions either acting as technology enabler or directly providing valuable services dedicated to different industries like insurance.

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Max-ICS Platform

A new way to digitalize

Max-ICS proposes a state-of-the-art platform designed to provide both a capacity to implement easily and quickly digital applications or treatment chains and end-to-end solutions to create Machine and Deep Learning models.
Relying on big-data technologies, Max-ICS propose a unique platform where Software developers can create, deploy and monitor their applications also supported by the internal marketplace delivering pre-existing micro-service components.
Max-ICS also provides an innovative solution to prepare, train and operate Machine and Deep Learning models. The integrated automated concept called Deep Learning Factory© highly reduces the efforts from the Data Scientist.

Building Knowledge Centre

Dynamic insurance assessment: save time and increase value

The Building Knowledge Centre is an incredible solution delivering property attributes for the insurance industry. Combined with an easy integration (via Application Programming Interface or API), it allows insurers, brokers or reinsurance companies to better collect and integrate the characteristics of the properties and integrate them into their underwriting processes.
Contract preparation for agents, risk assessment and modelling and even portfolio analysis become easy tasks.



Minister Franz FAYOT visited EarthLab with a delegation from Ministry of Economy, LSA and Ministry of  Foreign Affairs

February 5, 2021

EarthLab Luxembourg S.A. had the honour to welcome the minister of the economy, M. Franz Fayot, to celebrate its FEDIL Innovation Price received in the digital category for its Max-ICS Platform. Together with his delegation, he received an introduction to the EarthLab’s activities in relation with the Max-ICS platform in the fields of innovation, technology, and artificial intelligence. The official visit gave EarthLab the opportunity to present its technological strategy as well as its ethical vision and its values with respect to AI, data protection, cloud services and Green AI.

The EarthLab Luxembourg Team

Who’s Who



General Manager


Grégory SEVRIN

Project Manager



Product Manager



Software developer

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Mihaela ANTON

Software developer



Frontend Developer



Platform Infrastructure

Open Positions

At EarthLab Luxembourg, we hire top talent to keep our business growing and thriving. We work with an incredible team of individuals, and are always looking to expand the EarthLab Luxembourg family. If you think you have what it takes to work with us, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our available jobs to see if you’re the right fit, or send us an open solicitation.

Startup Room

Senior IT Infrastructure & DevOps Engineer

Earthlab Luxembourg (, an innovative company specializing in
earth observation and artificial intelligence, is seeking a Senior IT Infrastructure &
DevOps Engineer to play a crucial role in maintaining, optimizing, and evolving our IT

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